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    Monthly Contribution (Individual)
    Participant 35-Month
    Total Contribution (Individual)
    HMA 35-Month
    Medical Benefits Matched
    35-Month Target
    Medical Benefit Cap
    HMA® 2500$40$1,400.00$1,100.00$2,500
    HMA® 5000$84$2,940.00$2,060.00$5,000
    HMA® 7500$113.50$3,972.50$3,527.50$7,500
    HMA® 10000$140$4,900.00$5,100.00$10,000
    HMA® 15000$198$6,930.00$8,070.00$15,000
    HMA® 20000$251$8,785.00$11,215.00$20,000
    HMA® 25000$303$10,605.00$14,395.00$25,000
    HMA® 30000$370$12,950.00$17,050.00$30,000
    HMA® 40000$485$16,975.00$23,025.00$40,000
    HMA® 50000$605$21,175.00$28,825.00$50,000
    HMA® 60000$725$25,375.00$34,625.00$60,000

    The HMA® is not health insurance.

    Total contribution amounts assume no prior medical expenses paid for with your HMA® Medical Benefit program. Monthly contribution amounts vary based on the contribution and number of family members on the program. Additional charges applied are $5 per month for the first dependent and $10 additional per month for the second or more dependents. Both spouses of a household are permitted to purchase their own individual HMA® programs, but if they wish to have their children under age 26 covered as well, they need to be added during enrollment on one of the programs.

    Select Your HMA® Product: Each product option represents the target medical benefit cap that you will be building your program up to ranging from $7,500 to $60,000. For example, if you select the HMA® 10000 product, you can contribute as little as $140 per month or $4,900 over 35 months and accumulate $10,000 of HMA® medical benefits to pay for your out-of-pocket, medical expenses

    Monthly Contribution Amount: Sample, monthly contribution amounts are listed beside each product option with final pricing determined as you continue in the enrollment process

    Flexible Payment Arrangements: Product options can fit any individual or family budget with the ability to scale up your monthly contribution amount and target medical benefit cap as needed on a monthly basis by contacting our customer service department

    Paid-Up Medical Benefits!: No further monthly, participant contribution once the total amount of your HMA® medical benefits reaches its target cap (only monthly maintenance fees will be required to maintain your benefits)

    What Medical Services Are Covered?: Your HMA® will pay for most of your 213 (d) medical expenses as well as most elective procedures (with MD surgeons only) including fertility procedures, lasik and plastic surgery among other highly sought after procedures. Click here to view a list of covered medical expenses.

    The HMA® is not health insurance.