10 Reasons You Will Need The HMA®

Very simply, now you can take better control of your health care spending and medical priorities with a plan that will save you money on the out-of-pocket, health care expense that you will be required to pay for as well as the medical procedures that you would like to have but could not afford as easily before you had the HMA®.

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The Health Matching Account has 11 different monthly contribution plans starting as low as only $40 per month that will fit into any family’s budget.

Once you build your HMA® medical benefits up to the target cap of your choosing (anywhere from $2,500 in the HMA® 2500 plan to $60,000 in the HMA® 60000 plan), you are no longer required to make your full, monthly contribution and will only have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to keep your plan in force until you use your benefits on another medical service. As an added reward for maintaining good health, once you have begun to grow the amount of HMA® medical benefits that you have towards your target medical benefit cap, the HMA® can also serve to drastically decrease the monthly amount that you are paying for your health insurance premiums. This will give you the security and freedom over time to increase your major-medical health insurance plan deductibles and opt for a high-deductible plan because your HMA® will be safely covering and paying for most of your risk and out-of-pocket costs until you reach your annual deductible.

The monthly matching of medical benefits awarded into your HMA® plan above and beyond what you contribute are guaranteed and will increase for you as you stay in the program as long as your plan is in good standing. Your HMA® will match your monthly contributions with an average of $2 in medical benefits for every $1 above and beyond what you contribute into your plan. This match will still secure you significant medical savings along the way both before and after you reach your paid-up, target, medical benefit cap.

You can easily enroll into the Health Matching Account plan of your choice in five minutes! Unlike health insurance, the HMA® requires no upfront underwriting and will also allow you to cover every member in your household under the age of 26.

Unlike certain health insurance plans, the Health Matching Account will not only cover anyone with pre-existing conditions, but even better, every HMA® customer is charged the same monthly rate on all 11 HMA® plans regardless of their current health status.

Instead of either paying all of your own, out-of-pocket, medical costs on the day of service or having to endure the laborious and time-consuming process of filing an insurance claim only to be surprised to see that your health insurance did not pay and reimburse you for nearly as much as you thought it would, you can now enjoy access to instant payments for most essential medical needs with your Health Matching Account by simply swiping your HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card directly at your doctor’s office, hospital or pharmacy.

You will always know where you stand with your HMA® plan. You will be able to check the total amount of your current, HMA® available medical benefits and transaction history, which will be updated on a daily basis, through your HMA® online member portal and mobile app. These tools will also provide you with access to other valuable resources to help you understand all of your HMA® benefits.

Unlike certain medical savings account such as the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) where it is always a mad rush to spend down and use or lose the benefits before the end of the year, with the HMA®, the benefits that you accrue each and every month will continue to build and roll over year-to-year until you decide how you wish to use them. The HMA® provides you with that invaluable security and certainty to know that the medical benefits that you are accumulating each month will always be there to take good care of you and your family whenever they are needed.

In fact, even when you pass away, your family or loved ones can still retain the HMA® medical benefits you have accumulated. You are permitted to appoint a designated beneficiary to continue the HMA® plan you started so that you can pass on this gift and help your next generation secure additional savings for their future medical needs as well.

With the HMA®, you now gain the freedom to opt for other medical services that you may have always wanted or needed but could not afford before because of the ever growing amount of medical benefits that you will secure in your plan each and every month. Your HMA® can be used for any elective procedure with a medical doctor including for dental, lasik and even plastic surgery.

The HMA® is not health insurance.
The HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Commercial Credit Cards are issued by Celtic Bank.